The Travel Group is not a Travel Agency and the Trip Organisers are not qualified Tour Guides. All are volunteers. No Committee Member of the U3A Denia, or any member of the Travel Team operating under its auspices will accept any responsibility for, or make payments for compensation claims, any error or omission made by a member.

It is essential that all travellers read, understand and accept the Terms and Conditions before making a booking.

When booking 'online', you must tick the box to indicate you have read, understand and agree with the Terms and Conditions before you can proceed with your booking request.


When you make a booking you are not just 'registering an interest,’ you are agreeing to make the trip and pay the cost. We need to know exact numbers to make reservations and ensure the price is calculated correctly. When we have enough people to make the trip viable, we will send you a payment slip. This will either be for a deposit or full payment, depending on the trip. If you decide after booking not to make the trip, it could mean that we either have to cancel the trip or increase the cost to the remaining travellers. So, for this reason, you will understand that you should definitely want to make the trip, before booking.


If, for some unexpected reason, you need to cancel your booking, we will refund your deposit unless we have paid the booking agent. After that time, we can only pay a refund if someone else is able to take your place. On some trips we have a waiting list. The bank makes a charge of €5 per refund, so we will deduct this amount from your refund.


It is the travellers' responsibility to have suitable personal travel insurance cover. The U3A will not accept responsibility for any loss or injury.


Non U3A Members are welcome on our trips. However, after a guest has been on two trips, they will need to become a fully paid up member of the U3A Denia, and on our membership register.

Updated 28 June 2021