It is important that all travellers read and understand the Terms and Conditions prior to making a booking. Travellers must indicate on the booking form that they have done so before they can proceed with the booking.

Booking a trip
When you book a trip, you are agreeing to take the trip and pay the cost. You are not just ‘registering an interest.’ When there are enough people to make the trip viable, we send you a payment slip for the deposit or full cost, depending on the trip. If, at this point, you change your mind and decide not to go, it can mean that the trip is no longer viable and we have to refund all travellers their money, or we now have to charge a higher price than advertised. So, please, be sure you really want to take the trip before you book it.

Refund of deposit
If you cancel your booking for whatever reason, we will refund your deposit as long as we have not paid the deposit invoice to the travel agent. After that, we can only refund you if you find someone to take your place or we have a waiting list. If you are cancelling for medical reasons, you should contact your travel insurance company for a refund.

Hotel accommodation
Every reasonable effort is made by the Travel Team to ensure that the hotel location, accommodation and catering provided for the trip is to a standard that can be reasonably expected for the price paid. Should the hotel not meet the expected standard, the Travel Organiser or Travel Guide will liaise with the hotel management to address the problem.

Identification requirements for hotels
If the trip includes an overnight stay in a hotel, all travellers must carry a means of photographic identification with them e.g. passport or identity card. This is a legal requirement. A Residencia is not acceptable as a form of identification.

Medical emergencies
All travellers should carry their SIP Card and European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Travellers who are not normally resident in Spain should carry the relevant medical documentation from their home country.

Travellers should ensure that they have appropriate personal insurance cover. The U3A cannot accept responsibility for any loss or injury, however caused.

Guests/non members are welcome on our trips. However, should any guest wish to attend more than two trips, then they will be required to become a fully paid up member of U3A Denia.
It is the responsibility of the member who invites guests to ensure that any guest is in compliance with this requirement.

Claims for compensation
Should any traveller wish to make a complaint or seek compensation, it is important to note that no individual traveller may make a claim directly to the Travel Agent. The Travel Team will assist in preparing the claim and together with the claimant, present the claim to the appropriate Agent. Spanish Law holds that the Agent is directly responsible for the processing and payment of the claim.

The Travel Group is not a travel agent and the Travel Organiser is not a qualified Tour Guide. We are all volunteers. Neither any Committee member of U3A Denia, nor any member of the Travel Team operating under its auspices, will accept any responsibility for, or make payments pursuant to claims for compensation, nor will any responsibility be accepted for any errors or omissions of such members. It is therefore essential that all travellers ensure that they have travel insurance that includes the ability to process such a claim.