U3A Denia Travel Art and Culture Terms and Conditions


It is important that all travellers read and understand The Terms and Conditions prior to making a booking. Travellers must indicate on the booking form that they have done so.

Should any traveller wish to make a complaint or seek compensation, it is important to note that NO INDIVIDUAL TRAVELLER may make a claim directly to the TRAVEL AGENT. The U3A DENIA TRAVEL TEAM will assist in preparing the claim and together with the CLAIMANT present the claim to the appropriate Agent. Spanish Law holds the AGENT directly responsible for the processing and payment of the claim

NEITHER ANY COMMITTEE MEMBER OF THE U3A DENIA as an Association, NOR any MEMBER OF THE TRAVEL TEAM operating under it's auspices, will accept any responsibility for, OR MAKE PAYMENTS pursuant to claims for compensation. NOR will any responsibility be accepted for any ERRORS and OMISSIONS of such members.


HOTEL ACCOMMODATION. Every reasonable and practical effort is made by the TRAVEL TEAM to ensure that the Hotel location, accommodation and catering provided for the trip is to a standard that can be reasonably expected for the price paid. On the odd occasion that the Hotel does not meet the standard, the traveller must inform the TRAVEL TEAM LEADER who will assist and assess the problem.

1 Trips and Events Requiring a Deposit

For those trips where a deposit is required in order to book hotel rooms etc. a deposit of 50% of the total cost of the trip will be required to be paid when making the booking. Should the number of people booking for the trip not be sufficient to make the trip viable the deposit will be returned in full.

Hotel rooms are reserved, and coaches booked, based on the number of travellers booked Therefore:

Other than in exceptional personal circumstances, cancellations will not be accepted from travellers following booking, and the deposit will be forfeited. However should a traveller cancel their booking and find a replacement the deposit will be returned.

2 Trips not Requiring a Deposit

For those trips and events not requiring a deposit, travellers will be expected to pay the full cost of the trip following booking.

Other than in exceptional personal circumstances, cancellations will not be accepted following booking. Receipt of a paying in slip is confirmation that the trip will be going ahead.

Under no circumstances will a cancellation be accepted once confirmation of the trip has been sent to travellers and payment in full will be expected. Receipt of a paying in slip is confirmation that the trip will be going ahead.

However should a traveler cancel their booking and find a replacement, the booking in their name will be cancelled.

3 Identification Requirements for Hotels

Should any trip include an overnight stay in a hotel, all travelers must carry a means of identification with them. This may include Passport, Identity Card etc. This is a Legal requirement.

It should be noted that a Residencia is not acceptable as a form of identification.

4 Medical Emergencies

For long distance trips all travellers should carry their SIP Card and European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Travellers who are not normally resident in Spain should carry the relevant medical documentation from their home countries

5 Insurance

Individuals should ensure that they have appropriate personal insurance cover for all trips events, etc. U3A cannot accept responsibility for any loss or injury however caused. Travel Agency bookings for longer trips often offer a separate full insurance, or for just a small fee travel cancellation only.

6 Guests

Guests are welcome on U3A travel events, however should any guest wish to attend more than two trips or events then he/she will be required to become a fully paid up member of U3A Denia. It is the responsibility of the member who invites guests to ensure that any guest is in compliance with this requirement.

7 Single Supplements

Holidays which involve overnight accommodation may be subject to single room supplements; we will try to keep these as low as possible. If you do wish to share, then please inform the U3A travel leader.