U3ADenia - Pilates


Email pilates@u3adenia.com 
Group leader:  Sally Merrett
Meetings:  Monday
Time:  10:00
Venue:  Denia Centro de Fitness


30 August 2021


This is a Non-U3A group but members can join this class for the the fee of 4 euros a session or included in the monthly subscription.

Denia Fitness Centre Pilates Class - Mondays at 10:00am

At the moment, there is room for about 8 or so members to attend. As soon as more people become comfortable with joining the class from the U3A, then a specific class for U3A members will be re-instated. At the moment, I would not expect any problem with capacity by September 13th. However, under the current circumstances, things are a little fluid from both people returning to the area and changes in regulations.

~ Exercises are normally done in bare feet but at the moment stockinged feet is preferred.
~ Wear loose clothing.
~ Provide your own exercise mat. They can be obtained from a local sports shop or one of the Chinese bazaars.
~ Other equipment inc balls, bands and rings are provided by Denia Fitness Centre but you are asked to sanitise them before and after use.
~ Please wear a mask in all common areas of the Fitness Centre.
~ As you arrive, a mat to sterilise your foot wear has been provided, as has a hand cleanser.
~ The main hall of the gym has been divided into 2 meter squares which will be your individual zone for the class. ~ You need not wear a mask during the class - but that is your decision.

Unlike in most restaurants, the air conditioning brings about 40% fresh air to the gym and does not simply re-cycle the existing air. The filters have been renewed, the main hall of the gym has been thoroughly sanitised and re-painted. The Fitness Centre has followed all of the precautionary guidelines set by the State.

If you have any questions, please contact the group leader.


Pilates was a physical fitness system developed by Joseph Pilates in the early C20th. Research has shown that Pilates improves balance, increases well-being & helps tone muscles.

There are 9 principle elements when practising Pilates:-

1. Breathing - This is considered important because it increases the intake of oxygen and the circulation of this oxygenated blood to every part of the body.
2. Concentration - Pilates stresses intense focus on the way that exercises are done. It is often stressed that concentration on the exercise is more important than the exercises themselves.
3. Control – All exercises are done by controlling and working muscles to lift them and counteract gravity.
4. Centring - Much focus is core. That is the group of central muscles in the body which include the abdomen, lower and upper back, hips, buttocks, and inner thigh. All movements in Pilates begin from the centre and move outward to the limbs.
5. Flow – The aim in Pilates practice is for an economy movement which builds strength and stamina.
6. Postural alignment – Using correct posture corrects muscle imbalances and optimizes coordination.
7. Precision - The focus is on doing one precise and perfect movement, rather than many half-hearted ones.
8. Relaxation – It is believed that short spells of relaxation help the working on muscles and improves mental concentration.
9. Stamina - Movement should be efficient so there is less stress when performing the exercises. However, ultimately stamina is built.