U3ADenia - Denia Fitness Centre


Email fitness@u3adenia.com 
Group leader:  Ginny Whitehead
Time:  See List Below
Venue:  Denia Fitness Centre


For more information on the various U3A groups please see their specific webpages.

There have been many changes at the Denia Fitness Centre with facilities being made safer from Covid-19 and more streamlined.

YOGA - Thursday 9:45 - 10:45 - YOGA has been running throughout the summer. Classes are currently limited to a maximum of 14 but this is being reviewed and the situation is fluid. So, new members or people who haven't been for a while, are asked to contact Sally Merrett, to ensure there is sufficient room.

CIRCUITS - Friday 10 - 11am - This group has been running with limited numbers and "circuits" have become "personal squares".

PILATES - Monday 10 - 11am. We don't have enough members for a dedicated U3A group, but members can to attend the non-U3A group, time is indicated above.

AQUAROBICS - Tuesday / Thursday 11 - 12am.

Denia U3A members:
- pay 4 euros per session for either the dedicated classes or the normal classes.

- pay 6 euros for a day pass which can include either a U3A class or a non-U3A class and use of gym, pool jacuzzi, steam room etc.

- have the option of a monthly gym membership for 31euros which includes access to all areas and all classes.