Aims of The U3A


The purpose of the U3A is to encourage life long learning and enable people no longer in full time employment to share their knowledge, skills, interests and experiences. The U3A is open to everyone in the community. No qualifications are necessary, nor are any awarded.

The U3A offers learning activities in small groups which reflect members' wishes and aim to cover a very wide range of subjects; educational, recreational, cultural, physical and social.

The U3A enhances our lives, enables us to make new friends and to continue learning in a mutually supportive environment. The group leaders come from within the membership and are people who feel confident to share their own past experiences and expertise.

Members pay an annual subscription fee, which is set by the committee each year, depending on budget requirements for the following year. There may also be a small charge per session to the group leader, if applicable, in order to cover the cost of refreshments, room hire, photocopying etc.

A Members' Meeting is normally held at 10:30 a.m. on the 3rd Thursday of each month (except July, August and December) at the Casa de Cultura in Dénia to discuss the various group activities. We produce a monthly Newsletter with contributions from the groups. Information is also channelled through group leaders to their individual groups and through local newspapers and radio.

This organisation is unique in that the teacher is also the learner, and the word "University" is used in its original sense of people coming together to share and pursue learning in all its forms.

There are two documents of relevance to the operation of The U3A Dénia and it is most important that these are read and understood by Group Leaders in particular and the Membership in general. The most important of these documents is The Statutes of The University of The Third Age Dénia (Sometimes referred to as The Constitution) which defines the Legal requirements of The Valenciain Law under which The Association is obliged to operate. These requirements are legally binding and cannot be changed without the approval of the Members of The Association at an Annual or Extra-ordinary General Meeting. All changes also have to be approved by the relevant Authorities in Alicante. If any changes are required the document has to be completely re-written and submitted in Spanish. We are also required to produce the new version in English. As you will appreciate making changes to The Statutes is a lengthy process and is therefore one which we make every effort to keep to a minimum. A copy of The Statutes is available on this website.

The second document is The Policies of The U3A Dénia. The purpose of this policy document is to enhance understanding of some Articles in the Statutes and also to address issues not covered in The Statutes. It is in fact a set of internal rules which are considered to be essential to the running of The Association, no different to any other club or association. It is important to recognise that this document has no standing under Valencian law and there is no requirement to submit it to the Authorities for approval. Amendments are made to this document following issues raised by Members, these are discussed by The Committee and if agreed by a majority an amendment is inserted into the document. These amendments are published in the monthly Newsletter and any member has the right to object to them in writing to The Committee. The document, complete with updated amendments, is put on to the U3A web site every three months.



Statutes in English