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Group leader:  Kathleen Reynolds
Christine Whitelock


Positive thinking information

We concentrate on boosting confidence and self belief, so we may use our personal power to improve our lives in all ways. Each month we begin with guided relaxation and imagery, explanation of how our affirmations (promises to ourselves) work, and talks on a particular topic. For example, improving health, wealth, relationships, social skills; finding a better job; home; dealing with problematic situations positively and many other topics.

We have had many successes with our existing members, both in physical, emotional and spiritual ways (and we can always find a parking space in Denia!) We particularly spend time on the difficulties some of us face as visitors or living in another country, dealing with being away from friends and family and facing situations we find stressful here in Spain, particularly finding new friends and dealing with loneliness.

All are welcome to our group, everyone goes away relaxed reassured with ideas on how to improve things for themselves, generally or in specific ways. Remember - yesterday is gone, tomorrow is yet to come, all we have is today - its a gift, that's why its called "THE PRESENT"!!"

Come along and find out what we are all about!