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Our site has been moved to another server to fix a problem which has existed since mid-July. There are still some issues to address but the main problem has been fixed. If you find something wrong, please email me atwebmaster@u3adenia.com
If you have problems logging on and get Invalid Details please send me an Email and I'll send you a new password

The purpose of the U3A is to encourage life long learning and enable people who are no longer in full-time employment to share their knowledge, skills, interests and experiences. The U3A is open to everyone in the community. No qualifications are necessary, nor any awarded.
Why not join U3A Dénia now. We have a range of over thirty specialist groups, ranging from Card playing groups, Backgammon, Mahjong groups, some gym based groups, Petanque, a Quiz group, Genealogy, a Discussion Group and two Walking and Cycling Groups for members to enjoy.
The committee are changing the frequency, content and possible venue of the old monthly members meetings to try to make them more attractive to members as attendance had fallen off.
We have a fortnightly Drop-In coffee morning all year round. Come along and introduce yourself and join in the interesting conversations. An invite is sent to all members by Email a few days before the event - come along and meet members of your committee, group leaders and other members.
If you wish to pay for membership or travel, please bring your barcoded membership card to speed up the process.
Membership subscriptions are usually due before the end of March but because of the new 90-day rule after Brexit we are being flexible about renewing subscriptions owing to the difficulties of travel between the UK and Spain.
If you miss any of our Emails you will be able to find them at this link