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The purpose of the U3A is to encourage life long learning and enable people who are no longer in full-time employment to share their knowledge, skills, interests and experiences. The U3A is open to everyone in the community. No qualifications are necessary, nor any awarded.
Why not join U3A Dénia now. We have a range of over thirty specialist groups, ranging from Card playing groups, Backgammon, Mahjong groups, some gym based groups, Petanque, a Quiz group, Genealogy, a Discussion Group and two Walking and Cycling Groups for members to enjoy.

Our monthly meetings are held every third Thursday of the month, starting at 11am and feature a speaker, updates from Group Leaders and news of relevance to the members.

We also have a fortnightly Drop-In coffee morning at the Cafe Soles Restaurant. Come along and introduce yourself and join in the interesting conversation. An invite is sent to all members by Email a few days before the event - come along and introduce yourself and meet members of your committee. If you wish to pay for membership or travel, please bring your barcoded membership card to speed up the process. Membership subscriptions are usually due before the end of March but because of the Covid pandemic we are being flexible about renewing subscriptions owing to the difficulties of travel between the UK and Spain

The main home page has a number of sections which can be reached by clicking on the links below. Look for the and and icons for new and updated sections.
  • Urban Speed Limits
    Don't forget, new speed limits apply from next Tuesday 11th May 2021 on urban roads. These new limits apply regardless of any speed limit signs already present.
    This link explains the details
  • Getting a TIE
    This link helps with the process of getting a TIE
  • Support in Spain
    A new website in English and Spanish has just started which provides useful help for UK nationals living in Spain Support in Spain
  • Corona Virus
    This is a link to the home page section on the Corona Virus/COVID-19 situation and regulations. We will keep this updated as circumstances change.
  • Newsletters
    If you missed one of our newsletters they are listed here
  • Quiz Answers
    If you're looking for NoNewsletter quiz answers they're here
    The Brexit transition period has now ended and the UK is now a Third Country as far as the EU is concerned. This will inevitably affect certain rights you previously enjoyed as part of the EU. Please follow this link to find any updates from the UK government and British Embassy in Madrid.
  • If you have any problems using the U3A Dénia website please follow this link for possible solutions


Changes to UK citizens due to Brexit

This section contains information about changes to the status of UK citizens as a result of Brexit.
Access to healthcare after transition period
Future EU-UK Social Security Arrangements
Brexit and State Pensions

Corona Virus

This section keeps you up to date on what is happening in Spain on Corona Virus. It is ordered by latest event first. I've included a number of documents in Spanish as translating them in full is a time consuming process.
Latest Coronavirus Restrictions
The graphic below is an English translation by N332.com

Vaccination program
Vaccination in Spain Executive Summary.

Links to Past Newsletters

List of recent Emails

New speed restrictions

Don’t forget the changes in some speed limits in Spain from next Tuesday! 🚗 🏍 These new limits apply regardless of any speed limit signs already present.
SPEED LIMITS: On May 11th, 2021 speed limits in Spain will change, as 6 months have passed since this new law’s publication in the #BOE by Royal Decree 970/2020, of November 10th that modifies the RGC.
2️⃣0️⃣ km / h on roads that have a single carriageway and path/sidewalk.
3️⃣0️⃣ km / h on single lane roads per direction of travel.
5️⃣0️⃣ km / h on roads with two or more lanes per traffic direction.
These apply within towns / villages / cities, urban areas.
FINES for EXCEEDING the SPEED set by the road, depending on how much the imposed limit is exceeded, can be either SERIOUS or VERY SERIOUS, thus differentiating the amount of the penalty.
The margin for mistakes will always be applied to the corresponding speeds of course. You will not be fined for going exactly 1km over the speed limit! Don't forget they allow space for mistakes.

Here is some advance warning of another change to traffic regulations replacing red triangles with flashing beacons.

Help with website and Email problems

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How to get your TIE

We know that some of you have been having difficulties getting TIE appointments in Alicante province. The Spanish authorities have confirmed with us that they have opened up TIE appointments for UK nationals in the following areas:
• Alicante - CNP Campo de Mirra
• Alicante - Ebanistaria office
• Benidorm
• Torrevieja
• Elche

You need to visit the office twice, once to submit your forms, photos and have fingerprints taken and again to pick up your TIE. You will need your passport, your residencia card and the paper they give you at your first appointment with you on the second visit.
This section is a step by step process you need to follow to exchange your existing Residencia document (green A4 page or green credit card sized).
There are two forms you must fill in online before you apply for your appointment. One is the EX23 which is the actual application for the TIE and the other is the Modelo 790-12 which pays for part of the process. The cost is 12€ per person.
To fill in the EX23 click this link The images below show you how to fill in the form. You only need section 1, the Nombre y apellidos del titular line in section 3 and section 4. Most of our members will be category 2

You need to download a copy of the form when you have filled it and and print it.
To fill in the Modelo 790-12 which you use to pay for the process you need to click this link You need to select the option

which will fill in the amount of 12€ for you.
To get an appointment you need to click this link and then follow the instructions below. IT'S BEST TO TRY EARLY IN THE MORNING OR LATER IN THE EVENING TO GET THE BEST CHOICE OF APPOINTMENTS.
The screen shots of each page and selection needed, with the list of documents needed
As you go forward on the link each of the below screen shots appear on the screen
On the one explaining the documents if you click on the red bits Ex23 ( this has to be printed and then filled in) and the 790_12 ( this has to be filled in o line and then printed) it opens the screen with the forms on.
For further information on how to apply for the TIE please see the Spanish government FAQ document: here
If you need additional support completing your application, Babelia are able to help UK nationals in Alicante, Valencia and Castellon areas of Spain.

Here are the screen shots - they may be a bit small on some screens, try landscape orientation to make it a bit easier to read.
The last screen shot is the same as the third but in English.

In case you can't read the screen shots, on the second one, in the drop down menu labelled "TRÁMITES CUERPO NATIONAL DE POLICIA" select the option “POLICÍA-EXP.TARJETA ASOCIADA AL ACUERDO DE RETIRADA CIUDADANOS BRITÁNICOS Y SUS FAMILIARES (BREXIT)” and the available offices will appear on a drop down menu and you can select the office that is best for you. Appointments will only appear where there is availability so if your chosen office does not have any availability at the time you look, you can either choose another available office or try again at a later date.

For further information on how to apply for the TIE please see the Spanish government FAQ document: https://www.inclusion.gob.es/ficheros/brexit/guia_brexit_2020_en.pdf

If you need additional support completing your application, Babelia are able to help UK nationals in Alicante, Valencia and Castellon areas of Spain.

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