U3ADenia - Rummikub


Email rummikub@u3adenia.com 
Meetings:  Tuesday
Time:  6.30pm Second and Fourth Tuesday of each month
Venue:  Peking Restaurant, Carrer Patricio Ferrandiz


This is a game, mainly played by four people, and is based on the card game, Rummy. Tiles are used instead of cards and there are four colours rather than suits. You will be very welcome and if you've never played before I am sure after one session you will be away, and hooked.

There is no charge to play but you will be expected to buy a drink and have a meal at the end of play (approximately 8.00pm). The Peking do a very good, menu del día for nine euros, including half a bottle of wine.

Please email the group leader if you'd like to join us.