U3ADenia - Yoga


Email yoga@u3adenia.com 
Group leader:  Sally Merrett
Meetings:  Thursday
Time:  9:45 am
Venue:  Dénia Centro de Fitness


Updated: 10/03/2024

TEACHER - Katy Nixon

We are only allowed 12 people in the group at any one session. We have a core of 10 people who attend regularly and others who slot in when they are here and as space is available. This is managed through a What’s App group. If you want to join, please email the group leader, giving your phone number.

~ Exercises are normally done in bare feet.
~ Provide your own exercise mat. They can be obtained from a local sports shop or one of the Chinese bazaars.
~ Other equipment e.g. blocks are provided by Denia Fitness Centre.

Katy, uses a variety of yoga methods in class and can cater for a range of levels of experience in practising yoga.

A typical class begins with Savarsana ... Or the corpse pose. Members of the class lie very still in a relaxed position on their backs with closed eyes. “Yogis” are encouraged to mentally scan the body and be in touch with tension areas.

Class progresses with a series of poses and movements aimed at stretching, twisting or rocking. Breathing is often synchronised with movement. Sometimes poses are static and sometimes dynamic. That means it is done as part of a movement, usually slowly.

Classes usually finish with two things. Firstly there is sequence of movements and poses called a vinyasa. This usually includes a balance exercise and centring. The final section is relaxation and back into Savarsana. The hardest part of any class is focus on NOTHING.

So who can do yoga ... Well almost anyone? It's good for the body and good for the soul. It touches the parts that other exercises don't like your facial muscles or your fingers and toes and it keep old bodies supple.

Sally Merrett