U3ADenia - Alternative Thinking


Email thinking@u3adenia.com 
Group leader:  Kathleen Reynolds
Christine Whitelock
Meetings:  Wednesday
Time:  11.00 am - 12.30 pm
Venue:  Café Soles, in Assagador de la Marjal


Join a fun and friendly group.
The group has been running since 2006 in one form or another. We’re interested to hear your stories with an alternative twist. It’s not a coffee morning or a discussion group, although we have coffee and discuss many things.

We begin with a relaxing meditation which calms and centres the group. There may be a theme e.g. “An
experience or person you have been inspired by.” Each member is then invited to contribute their
experience if they wish. The group is supportive of members. We can trust each other to be
encouraging, understanding and helpful to each other.

Many friendships have been made, helping our members through bereavement and loneliness, by offering the hand of friendship, a listening ear, advice by way of our own experiences and how to adopt a positive approach to life.

Ourthoughts become things and we have shown many times how this works! We practise gratitude for
our lives, the medicine of laughter, friendship and support. There is no religious slant, just open
minded, respectful interest in beliefs and spiritual values. We love to listen and learn from each other.
Please come and join us. Everyone is welcome

Examples of the kind of topics we’ve heard or discussed in the past.:
- How to always find a parking space in Denia with positive thoughts!
- Positive affirmations to change your life
- Sightings of UFOs. One member’s personal experiences.
- Coincidences. I firmly believe there is no such thing, just connections. One group member
discovered a relationship to me! Others have lived near each other or known the same people, in
the UK. What do Coincidences mean, if anything?
- Personal experiences of healing, paranormal, travel experiences and uplifting tales from our lives.
- Personal beliefs
- Dreams and their meanings
- Comedy, jokes and laughter to ward off depression and negativity. It was mentioned that the
opposite of negativity is fun and laughter. A good analogy!

(0034)626201636 (also WhatsApp) please contact me if you would like to meet us, just in case the
venue is closed or there’s a change or cancellation.