U3A Denia Committee


The committee is here to serve the members of the U3A.  If anyone has any suggestions or queries about the organisation, they should email president@u3adenia.com in the first instance.

President: Richard Millington

Email: president@u3adenia.com

Born in Birmingham as a young man I joined British Leyland, where I developed a love of the motor industry, which was then my lifelong career for over forty years. Lucky to have lived and worked in various amazing places throughout the world and experience working with foreign governments, companies, military units, organizations and especially some amazing people in many varied cultures and languages. Had some great and varied interesting experiences during my career and now retired since 2020 Looking forward to representing U3A as its president and helping the organization thrive and hopefully get back to some kind of normal following the pandemic. I would like U3A to become even more European in nature, and hopefully enroll lots of different nationalities into our group. Happily married to the vice president Cazzie for almost 50 years we have two grown up children and a granddaughter, who luckily also live here in Spain.


Vice President: Cazzie Millington

Email: vice-president@u3adenia.com
Vice President

A native of Saundersfoot in Pembrokeshire after leaving school I worked as a police officer for several years. When I married Richard and moved to the Midlands I qualified as a florist, and subsequently ran my own industrial floristry business. We left the UK in 1990 and have lived mostly in the various countries within the Middle East, as avid golfers we worked with the European Tour golf organization and organized on course score boards along with arranging accommodation and transport for 14 years for professional golfer’s, caddies, managers and the general entourage that accompanies professional golf events. We also lived in Papua New Guinea for a while which was an amazing experience. Having traveled the world, I consider myself very lucky to have experienced many different cultures and people. Married to Richard for almost 50 years with two grown up children and a granddaughter, who also live here in Spain. We originally experienced Spain for the first time in 1994 and have loved this area ever since, now happily retired since 2010 I am also very into music with the Ukulele group I run called the Jukes of El Verger, and I have also recently started the U3A Denia guitar group. Looking forward to meeting lots of U3A members old and new, and helping out whenever possible


Secretary: Roberta Walker

Email: secretary@u3adenia.com

Terry and I bought our first house in Els Poblets in 2017 and moved here permanently from Cheltenham in 2019. I carried on working remotely for another year. I was a Software Trainer and latterly a Data Analyst working for a laundry with extensive interests in UK and the Middle East. For many years, with my mother, I was an active member of the local Women’s Institute which in many ways is like the U3A. With Coffee Mornings, Activities, and trips. Though the cake competitions could get quite heated – so joining the U3A was like coming home. We were keen boaters and had a cabin cruiser berthed at Portishead which is where we spent much of our spare time with regular trips out into the Bristol Channel and across to into Wales. We love living in this part of Spain, As well as the coast we have the incredible surrounding countryside. Which we have enjoyed exploring on our e-bikes. It is impossible to explain or show in pictures its magnificence or the smell of the orange blossom!


Treasurer: Terence Walker

Email: treasurer@u3adenia.com

Bobby and I bought our first house in Els Poblets in 2017 and moved here permanently from Cheltenham in 2019. For many years I had an Off Licence business in Bristol. Following which I studied both Fine Furniture and Photography at College. Until the onset of ill health, I was a keen cyclist – and was an active member of the Cycle Touring Club (CTC) particularly long-distance cycling. I also played croquet – and was captain of the Cheltenham Golf Croquet Team. In later years, before we came to Spain, we were keen boaters and had a cabin cruiser berthed at Portishead which is where we spent much of our spare time with regular trips out into the Bristol Channel and across to into Wales. We are very happy now living in Spain – thought I do miss the challenges of the Bristol Channel which has the second highest tidal range in the world. We are thoroughly enjoy belonging to the U3A Dénia. Having the opportunity to take part in so many different activities and make many good friends.


Ex Officio: Tara Anderson

Email: membership@u3adenia.com
Ex Officio

I was born in the USA, Salt Lake City, Utah to be exact. I grew up in Portland, Oregon, which was a miserable rainy place. I left for University to sunny California with high hopes. I achieved my Bachelors of Engineering degree from Santa Clara University in California and set off to change the world. After achieving my degree, I began my career in ASIC design ( semiconductor design) and then eventually found my “place” selling semiconductors for Intel across the world, mainly Japan, China and the Western USA. While working my ass off, traveling the world I was able to have 2 wonderful boys, Quincy and Miles who have followed their mothers passion of science, Quincy in Mechanical Engineering and Miles in Medicine. With both my boys on their way, I chose to leave my country to pursue a better life of retirement in Spain. I found Denia 6 years ago and am in love with the city, the landscape, the people, food and culture. I spend my days, making new friends, playing tennis, pickleball ( new rage in USA), volunteering and taking care of my 3 cats, 2 from California and 1 street cat who adopted me and 1 dog, A delightful shelter dog I named Sami from A.P.A.D. Furthermore, I am lucky to have found a wonderful partner, a British bloke, who has enjoyed living and working here in the Costa Blanca for over 27 years. Overall, I hope you welcome my Americanism, and I strive to bring the U3A fresh, new ideas and use my engineering talents to benefit all of us at the U3A. Let’s do this


Ex Officio: Philip Johnson

Email: webmaster@u3adenia.com
Ex Officio

I'm from the North of England from a little village near Doncaster. I was lucky enough to go to the grammar school in a nearby town and thence to Manchester University where I studied physics. I then started work at the nuclear physics laboratory at Daresbury where I worked in particle physics, nuclear physics, electronic circuit design and software development. I then moved to Torbay where I worked on missile radar systems, GPS receivers and mobile phone base stations. Finally I moved to the southeast working on 3G, 4G and 5G mobile phone base stations. Finally, at 68 I was persuaded to retire to Dénia to return to living near the sea and enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine. Soon after getting here I joined the U3A and was press ganged onto the committee when most of its member left. The rest is history.


Ex Officio: Ginny Whitehead

Email: travel@u3adenia.com
Ex Officio

Retiring early, I came to Dénia in 2004 and joined our U3A in 2006, when I started a Cookery Group which ran for several years. For my sins, I’ve also had various stints over the last 18 years as Secretary, Groups’ Coordinator and Ex-Officio. Joining the Travel Group at its inception in 2007, I’ve organised and taken trips ever since. In 2019, I took over as Travel Leader and Travel Treasurer, and rejoined the Committee as an Ex-Officio. I’m also the Groups' Coordinator and Pilates Group Leader. I’m a passionate supporter of the U3A, with its aim of promoting friendship and activities for the enjoyment and personal fulfillment of its members. I’m looking forward to continuing the good work of the last Committee and working with the new members of our Committee by developing and building upon the Groups, Events and Travel trips we offer our members.