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This month's members meeting will be held on Thursday 15 November at the Casa de Cultura de Denia commencing at 11am.
No speaker this month but we will be entertained by the Dénia Rock Choir. Come along and even join in with the Christmas Carols and other well known tunes.

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British Consulate Alicante - Brexit meeting 20-11-2018

Although not organised by the U3A Dénia the event was publicised by the U3A. The meeting was well attended - the hall at the Casa de Cultura was full. The British consul, Sarah-Jane Morris, introduced the meeting and explained the objectives. One of the main topics was the rights of British nationals living in Spain which was covered by another member of the British Consulate. This was followed by representatives of a number of other special interest organisation who can provide further help through and after Brexit. I copied a couple of useful information sheets that were available and recorded the whole of the public presentations. The links below allow you to see and hear these.
The main lesson learned from the meeting was that if you have "residencia" status (i.e. you have applied for and obtained an NIE) you are covered by the terms of the UK Withdrawal legislation and most of your existing rights will be protected. If Brexit occurs with no deal it is not clear what will happen although it is likely that British nationals resident in Spain will have their rights respected by the Spanish government. If you are eligible for "residencia" status you should ensure you have applied for it before 19 March 2019.
This is the official way to do it
There were also representatives from the UK tax office (HMRC) to answer individual questions. Here is a link to HMRC for information on taxation for people living abroad
Here are the links to the information sheets handed out at the meeting.
Information for UK Nationals in Spain
Useful Information Living in Spain
Audio recordings (if your web browser supports them)
Introduction by British Consul
Main presentations
One organisation working with the British consulate to represent the rights of British nationals in Spain after Brexit is brexpats.es