U3ADenia - Movement


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Group leader:  Lis-Lotte Mariscal
Meetings:  Tuesday
Time:  10am - 11.15am
Venue:  Denia Fitness Centre


Fun, Relaxing, Satisfying, Simple, Effective, Thorough.

We move to all sorts of music in a circle individually, or with partners, to provide support and have fun together.

At the end of the class, we do spinal exercises lying on the floor with time for awareness and relaxation.

Experience with me the joy and ease of Moving to Music in community.


Simple movement and music are the key elements. These easy, unhurried movements are designed to lubricate the joints and improve alignment and flexibility. We gently move and stretch all the parts of our bodies in ways that feel good and allow the breathing to expand and deepen the awareness of the body.

It is a complete - yet gentle - workout that aids in keeping the body healthy and uplifting your spirit.

Each class offers:

- A joyful invitation to move simply and gently, which helps us to treat ourselves with kindness.
- A sense of community, which is gained by moving together with others while learning to support and be supported. This helps us to cope with everyday stress.
- Support with balance and strengthening, which improves body alignment and flexibility, helping to prevent injuries while we age gracefully.
- A complement to other movement practices, and help with preparing your body for more strenuous activities.
- A chance to learn new movement patterns, which helps us to develop sensitivity to and awareness of self and others.

“Our goal is to make people feel happy and motivated to dance rather than drag themselves around. We would like them to feel physically well when their bodies move, and emotionally cheerful… and this is built on a very deep knowledge of anatomy and how people can move.”

Marion Rosen, PT. Founder, Rosen Method Movement.

Lis-Lotte Mariscal has been a certified Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement teacher since 1995. She has taught classes and workshops in Denmark and the USA.

“Rosen Movement brings a smile to my face whenever I do it, which inspired me to learn to teach it and bring it to others to learn how to move and age with grace.”