U3ADenia - Games


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Meetings:  Tuesday
Time:  6.30pm
Venue:  Kathmandu Restaurant


The first meeting will be Tuesday 2 October and thereafter the first Tuesday of each month. The venue is the Kathmandu Restaurant.

One game is called Quiddler and is losely based on Scrabble. In the first round you are dealt three cards with letters and numbers and have to make a word of at least two letters, the spare card counts as a minus. The second round is four cards and each round goes up by one card until the final round consists of ten cards. In each round you are only allowed one spare card and if you make the longest word there is a bonus or if you make the most words
there is another bonus. However, a dictionary will be in use and if anybody queries a word and the word is found to be correct then the person querying loses the equivalent points. Alternatively, if the person querying the word is correct then they receive the points. This is a very simple spelling and counting card game but good fun.
The second game is Skipbo which is again played with special cards. Each player is dealt cards of varying colours and numbers with only the top card showing and also 5 additional cards which are placed face up. The idea is to get rid of all your cards by adding to the four piles in the centre of the table which starts with the first player laying a number one of whatever colour. Each player in turn then adds chronologically to the middle piles by selecting from their face up cards. There are also wild cards which can be used to help reduce your own pile.