U3ADenia - Walking - Easy


Email walking@u3adenia.com 
Meetings:  Wednesday
Time:  10.30 am Third Wednesday of the month
Venue:  Various Starting Points


We are awaiting details of a new Group Leader before the walks can restart.

These walks will be on flat terrain at a leisurely pace of around two hours' duration. The pace is set by those participating. There are currently 100 members on the group and this year there have been 20-40 on each walk.
The walks are on the THIRD WEDNESDAY of the month and there are no walks in July and August.
The walk details are emailed to all members 10-14 days before the date of the walk and members reply
if they are attending.

The walks are 6-8 km on fairly flat ground in the Val Orba or Val de Pop or Denia or Pego areas. After there is menu del dia at a local restaurant close to the walk at 8-15€, but you do not have to have the meal.

All walkers on walks must wear strong, appropriate footwear (NOT trainers or gym shoes).

PLEASE NOTE . The Walk Leader reserves the right to turn away anyone wearing inappropriate footwear, as it is a safety risk to themselves and others.

All members will be required to sign the Walkers’ Register at the start of a walk to confirm that they accept walking at their own risk.