U3ADenia - Walking - Rules





  • take part entirely at their own risk and will be required to sign the Walkers’ Register at the start of a walk to confirm this.
  • are required to be paid up U3A members and supply their Membership Number.
  • need to provide an emergency contact telephone number.
  • must wear strong, appropriate footwear (NOT trainers or gym shoes). Walk Leaders reserve the right to turn away anyone wearing inappropriate footwear, as it is a safety risk to themselves and others.
  • should have an adequate supply of drinking water, particularly in hot weather.
  • should check with the Walk Leader in advance if they wish to bring a well-behaved dog, which must be kept under strict control and on a lead.
  • must take home all litter, including banana skins and orange peel.


Walking is one of the healthiest outdoor activities but you walk at your own risk. Walk Leaders carry a basic first aid kit containing plasters, antiseptic wipes etc. Neither the U3A, nor the Walk Leader/organiser of the walk has control of the environment of the Walks, the weather, or wild animals that may be encountered. Whilst taking normal precautions and providing reasonable help and assistance as necessary, they cannot accept responsibility for any circumstances affecting the Health and Safety of the Walkers in the party.