U3ADenia - Yoga


Email yoga@u3adenia.com 
Group leader:  Sally Merrett
Meetings:  Thursday
Time:  10.00am
Venue:  Dénia Centro de Fitness


LATEST NEWS: July 5th 2017 - There are no yoga classes on July 13th & 21st but the rest of the classes run throughout the summer. New members of this group would be welcome.

Cost: €3.50 per session
This class is aimed at intermediate as most of the group has been practising it for a while and it is most suitable for people who have already been doing yoga, tai chi or pilates. However, the teacher, Katy, is keenly aware of students' level she will advise on how each exercise can be eased or deepened according to individual needs. The classes are based on Hatha Yoga but a range of other types are included in the classes. It is a gentle form of stretching exercises with controlled breathing that focuses on relaxation, balance and co-ordination. Classes last approximately an hour and include relaxation at the beginning and end.

Although the Denia Fitness Centre have mats, block and blankets individuals may wish to bring their own mat and towel.

Clothing should be loose and comfortable.

Those taking part are advised to bring water for after the session but are advised that it is better to begin the class without immediately drinking water.