U3ADenia - Chess


Email chess@u3adenia.com 
Group leader:  Graeme Campbell
Meetings:  Monday and Monday
Time:  09:30am to 12:30pm
Venue:  Social Centre, Pensionista Bldg, by Toy Museum


The Chess Group is in great shape! In 2012, after several years of development, the Group decided it was time to challenge local Spanish clubs and other U3A branches. Tournament grade equipment including digital clocks was acquired and regular challenges now take place, including clubs within the Valencia Chess Federation. Our experienced members play to a high standard and competition is in the top club ELO ratings (international standard).

We need and welcome more members, particularly anyone who has played chess in their earlier years and would now appreciate the opportunity to kick start their latent ability. All our senior members have ‘appeared’ with this profile ie played as a young person - followed by years of earning money and playing minimum chess! Now is your time to have another go at the greatest and most demanding game the world has ever created.

We have excellent facilities for novices too with time set aside to help new players achieve a good playing standard – who knows you could be knocking our top board players off their perch in due course!

The Chess Group meets at the Pensionista Social Centre, next door to the Toy Museum, 1st Floor, Ajedrez Room, on Monday mornings.

Come and join us – we will be delighted to help you develop your skills and to be part of a very active and outward looking Group. Just pop in on any Monday or Thursday morning or ring me on 689 401 887, or email me

Looking forward to seeing you.